Course Information



Satisfactory completion of a state-approved course consisting of 30 hours of driving lessons in a classroom setting, and 6 – 80 minute Behind-the-Wheel Sessions. We feel the observation option creates more of a distraction for the driver so we have opted to provide an additional 2 hours of driving at no extra charge. This is also an approved substitution accepted by the Illinois Secretary of State. The above is required of students under the age of 18 who would like to acquire a driver’s license in the State of Illinois. Our full courses last for 4 weeks. A student may take the classroom portion only, however, we do not offer Behind-the-Wheel training separately. All students need to fill out a Driver Education Approval form. This form indicates to us the student has passed 8 classes within the last two semesters. If the student is a freshman 8th-grade transcripts are acceptable (this is a mandatory requirement)

Classroom Attendance

Students must be on time for their classes and each class will last the full two hours unless advised otherwise.

Students must complete the full 30 hours of classroom to receive their certificate of completion. They may not

miss more than four classes during their session. If they do, we are required by the Secretary of State to have

the student retake the classroom portion of the course. For those students missing four or fewer classes, you

will need to make up all of the missed classes during any of our classroom times.


All required worksheets, activities and presentations must be completed for satisfactory completion of the

course. In addition, a minimum of a 75% score is required on the mid-term examination, final examination

and quizzes. Any student scoring below a 75% on any of these tests will be allowed to restudy and retake the


Scheduling Driving Lessons

Students must obtain their instructional permit before they may schedule any driving lessons.  After students have logged 5 – 8 hours driving with their parents they can call the school and schedule their first appointment. (As a reminder, students have to complete 50 hours of driving with their parents or legal guardian before they are allowed to take the driving test at the DMV.) Students need to have a valid permit in their possession for each ride. Students may not schedule drives that interfere with their classroom time. Lesson time for practice driving is not used to call for, deliver, or dismiss other students to their homes or pick-up points Their will be 6 – 80 minute scheduled driving lessons. These lessons are mandatory.

If the student is unable to make a scheduled driving appointment, a $50 missed lesson fee will be charged if the cancellation is not made at least 24 hours before the scheduled lesson.

Course Payments

The 30-Hour Teen Course is $565.00. A deposit of $200.00 holds a seat in the class. The balance is due on the first day of class. Students will not be able to take the final exam if the balance is not paid in full. Payments can be made by cash, check, or credit card. We accept MasterCard, Discover, American Express and Visa. There will be a $35 charge for any returned checks.

Permits and Licenses

Illinois requires 4 hours of classroom instruction in a qualified driver education program before student’s

ages 15-17 years old may obtain a driving permit. If the student does not complete the 30-hour classroom

session in its entirety, Illinois law requires us to revoke the student’s permit. A permit application will be

distributed after the second day of class. This application in addition with the other listed pieces of information

(complete list inside Rules of the Road book) will be taken to the DMV to acquire the learners permit. Once the

student has successfully completed both phases of the course and turned in all other required items, they will

receive a completion certificate from the driving school. A copy of the Completion certificate should be sent to

the school counselor as it may be a graduation requirement.

High School Credit

Most high schools require successful completion of a driver education course to graduate. After successfully

completing our program, you will receive a certificate from our school verifying your completion of the state

required driver education course work. You may present this certificate to your high school to receive credit for

driver’s education.